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2018 CASTUSA -Young Eagles Cup (YEC) STEM Project Contest

Chinese Association for Science and Technology USA announces the beginning of application to the inaugural CASTUSA- Young Eagles Cup (YEC) - STEM Project Contest.

The goal of the contest is to promote science and technology education, promote self-study and practice of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge and skills, and promote team work, communication and presentation skills among youth through building and showcasing their independently created technology projects and products.

The projects will be judged by scientists and technology experts. 10 selected finalists will be invited to attend the 26th CASTUSA annual conference to be held in Yale University on Oct. 13, 2018. There will be prizes for the winners and all finalists will have designated session to meet and chat with Nobel prize winners, distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs at the conference.

Type of projects: Scientific papers, Innovative devices, Robots, Computer software, Crafts

Requirement for projects:

  1. Innovative: created and developed independently by applicant(s), IP right owned by applicant(s)

  2. Practical: can be applied to real life situations

  3. Language: English

Timeline for application:

  1. Application Deadline: Sep.23, 2018

  2. Finalist announcement: Sep. 28, 2018

Requirement for participants:

  1. Must be between Grade 7 and Grade 12 in Fall 2018 semester for US participants(please provide proof)

  2. In equivalent age group internationally (provide proof).

Application Form:

  1. Fill out the form online

  2. Send personal bio with photos, project demo slides and video to, with project name on subject line.

Required application materials:

  1. Detailed project description

  2. Demo video(2 minutes)

  3. Presentation slides

  4. Other supporting materials

Application Fee: $30

Score Criteria:

  1. Original/Innovativeness: 25%

  2. Practicality: 25%

  3. Economic Value: 25%

  4. Presentation: 25%


  1. Presentation/Demo:5 minutes,3 minutes Q&A

  2. Display(in display room):poster;device;robot;craft;software

  3. Award ceremony:at Award Gala


  1. Gold Medal(1): $500

  2. Silver Medal(2): $300

  3. Bronze Medal(7): $100


2018 旅美科技协会幼鹰杯青少年科技项目展示竞赛开始报名






  1. 创新:自主研究,开发,知识产权归属提交人

  2. 实用:有实用价值

  3. 语言:英文


  1. 北美2018秋季7年级至12年级学生

  2. 年龄对等的国际学生


  1. 表格链接:

  2. Email:发送附带照片的个人简介,项目介绍,PPT,演示视频至, 在标题上请标注项目名字


  1. 项目详细描述

  2. 演示视频(2分钟)

  3. 演示PPT

  4. 其它辅助材料


  1. 9月23报名截止

  2. 9月28发通知给决赛入围项目



  1. 创新性: 25%

  2. 实用性: 25%

  3. 经济价值: 25%


  1. 陈述(会场):每个项目代表陈述5分钟,答辩3分钟

  2. 展示(展示场地):论文墙报;创新装置;机器人;手工产品;计算机程序演示;

  3. 发奖:颁奖晚宴上


  1. 金牌🏅($500)(1名)

  2. 银牌🏅($300) (2名)

  3. 铜牌🏅($100) (7名)

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