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What is CAST-USA ?

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology in the USA (CAST-USA), established in 1992, is a non-political, non-profit professional organization. Its three main objectives are to promote unity, cooperation, and exchange among Chinese scholars and professionals in the USA, to enhance the domestic and international exchange and cooperation of Chinese professionals in science, technology, business, and other sectors in the fields of culture, science, technology, education, and economy, and to promote Chinese traditional culture and foster mutual understanding and friendly relations between the people of China and the USA.

CAST-USA is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive scientific organization that spans regions (the USA) and industries. Its membership, exceeding ten thousand, comprises Chinese professionals in the USA from various fields such as technology, culture, education, law, finance, and humanities. Many members work in research and technological development at Fortune 500 multinational companies, well-known American companies, higher education institutions, or research institutes, with some having reached mid to senior management positions. CAST-USA has fifteen branches and professional societies across dozens of states in the USA and has offices or liaison offices in several Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou. The association is managed by an executive committee and also has a board of directors, a council, an academic coordination committee, and an advisory committee. Notable honorary advisors since its establishment include Professor Chen Xingshen, Professor Song Jian, Professor Yang Zhenning, Professor Zhu Guangya, Ms. Chen Xiangmei, Professor Tian Changlin, Professor Zhou Guangzhao, Professor Zhu Lilan, and other prominent academics and social figures.

CAST-USA and its branches regularly organize various activities, including academic seminars, providing a platform for academic exchange and mutual assistance among members. It publishes the "Overseas Scholar" magazine and real-time newsletters, covering academic activities, the latest trends in the Sino-American science and technology, business communities, and many topics of direct interest to its members.

Every year, the association and its branches hold dozens of large and medium-sized academic seminars and events, including national annual meetings/summits and branch annual meetings, inviting well-known personalities from China and the USA to discuss academic and social issues of interest. CAST-USA emphasizes exchanges and cooperation with other professional associations in the USA, strengthening communication and connections among Chinese scholars in different disciplines. It promotes the exchange and cooperation of scientific and technological talents domestically and internationally (including between China and the USA) under the premise of complying with US laws and intellectual property protection policies, contributing to the advancement of global science and technology. Branches also participate in local Chinese community activities, establishing good relationships with other overseas Chinese organizations.

The current president of CAST-USA is Zhou Jinrong, with Zhang Hanting serving as the chairman of the board, Chen Haigang as the chairman of the council, and Zhang Xiaochun as the president-elect. Past presidents include a long list of distinguished individuals.

Website and Publications:

  • Official website:; "Overseas Scholar" magazine and "Real-time Newsletter (Online Version)".


Branches of CAST-USA:

  • Boston Chapter (CAST-BOS)

  • Connecticut Chapter (CAST-CT)

  • Florida Chapter (CAST-FL)

  • Greater New York Chapter (New York, New Jersey) (CAST-GNY)

  • North Carolina Chapter (CAST-NC)

  • Pittsburgh Chapter (CAST-P)

  • Washington DC Chapter/Network Society (CAST-DC)

  • California Chapters at Los Angeles (CAST-LA)

  • California Chapters at San Diego (CAST-SD)

  • Seattle Chapter (CAST-SEA)

  • California Chapters at Silicon Valley (CAST-SV)

  • Texas Chapter (Dallas) (CAST-TX)

  • Utah Chapter (CAST-Utah)

  • West Virginia Chapter (CAST-WV)

  • Arizona Chapter (CAST-AZ)

  • Philadelphia Chapter (CAST-PHL)

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