旅美科技协会大纽约分会金融系列讲座: “How to Break into Wall Street?”

时间: Thursday, July 14, 2016

地点: Fordham Law School, 150 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023


进入华尔街工作是不少人的梦想,为此旅美科协大纽约分会(CAST-GNY)于2016年7月14日在Fordham Law School举办“How to Break into Wall Street?”讲座。讲座分享了华尔街最新动态,分析了进入华尔街工作的可行性,并促进大家互相交流与学习。

本次讲座有幸邀请到了四位在华尔街有着丰富工作经验的嘉宾Si Yang (C),Michael Cheah, Darren Xu和Cecilia Xia。(文末附:个人简历)


紧接着,Si Yang (C) 为大家分享他的华尔街历程。C17岁随家人来到美国,现就职于纽约联储,是一个金融分析团队的负责人,给大家分享了他在纽约联储、德意志银行、对冲基金等工作经验,同时,他以亲身经历对纽约和伦敦两大金融中心进行了对比。C属于全能型的金融专家,在买方和卖方都有着丰富的经验,现就职于监管部门。



在讲座的最后,特约来宾 Jingyuan Wang为大家分享了投资策略。身为硅谷的投资人,Jingyuan在投资方面有不少独特的见解。

Si Yang (C)

C is currently managing a team of financial analysts and department’s summer interns at Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY). Prior to joining the FRBNY, he worked at CQS Asset Management (London) and Deutsche Bank (NYC & London) as valuation and product controller responsible for profit validation, risk attribution review for the US Treasury, interest rate swap, asset back security, structure credit and equity derivative trading. He has a BS in Finance, Leadership & Consulting from SUNY Binghamton. Besides works, he is studying at the Executive MBA program at Columbia Business School, sitting on the student board of school’s Leadership Center, serving as the Vice President for FRBNY’s Asian networks, and assisting the president of CAST. He likes cycling, movie, tennis, exploring and Sci-Fi.

Michael Cheah

Mr. Cheah is Academic Director of MS Global Finance at Fordham University and Executive Vice President at Capital Position, a leading growth strategy and global marketing advisor to the financial services industry and Academic. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor and was recently Senior Advisor for Private Sector Concentrations at New York University. Mr. Cheah has more than 30 years of market experience and was most recently senior vice president and senior portfolio manager responsible for all investment-grade fixed income portfolios and member of the Asset Allocation Committee at AIG SunAmerica Asset Management Corp. Prior to joining SunAmerica in July 1999, Mr. Cheah spent 17 years at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). He was the head of the U.S. Bond Division, Markets and Investment Department, and chief representative of the New York Office where his responsibilities included the management of foreign exchange reserves and the overseeing of external relationships with financial and government institutions in the United States. Prior to heading the New York Office of MAS, Mr. Cheah served in various capacities, including the domestic open market and currency intervention desk of Local Money and Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange and Gold, and the Japan Bond division. Mr. Cheah received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, and a Master's of Science degree in Management from the London Business School, where he was a Sloan Fellow. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager.

Darren Xu

Darren Xu is a recent MBA graduate from Columbia Business School. Upon graduation, he is expected to join Morgan Stanley as an Associate in its Real Estate Investment Banking division based in New York. While attending Columbia, Mr. Xu has worked part-time at Fortress Investment Group, focused on opportunistic investments in the US. Before Fortress, Mr. Xu worked part time for Vanke USA, where he focused on evaluating development / acquisition opportunities in New York and San Francisco. During the past summer, Mr. Xu worked at Morgan Stanley’s Real Estate Banking division in New York focused on M&A. Before Columbia Business School, Mr. Xu had worked three years at Forum Partners, a $6Bn AUM real estate private equity firm, where he was responsible for covering real estate securities in North America. And prior to Forum, Mr. Xu’s first job out of college was at at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Structured Finance Transaction Service group, where he spent a year underwriting and performing due diligence on RMBS/CMBS bond issuances. Mr. Xu graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Baruch College in 2010. In 2016, Mr. Xu graduated from Columbia Business School. While earning his MBA, Mr. Xu competed in the Deutsche Bank Investment Banking Competition and successfully won 1st place. In 2015, he is selected as VP of Careers in Greater China Society, focused on connecting students and as VP of Events in the Public Speaking Association, where he plans and organizes public speaking seminars to promote communication skills among business students.

Cecilia Xia

Cecilia Graduated from University of Oregon with Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Economics and concentration in Finance. Currently, she is working at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division as an Investment Banking Analyst in New York City. She worked closely with senior bankers and company executives on buy-side M&A, sell side M&A, debt and equity financings on deals with a combined value over $10 billion. Her deal experience covered North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She was lead analyst on $2.5 billion multi-tranche senior unsecured notes offering by General Motors, $1.1 billion acquisition of Neovia Logistics by Goldman Sachs and Rhone Capital, $825 million sale of HD Supply’s Power Solutions to Anixter and General Motor’s successful activist defense against an $8 billion share repurchase and board nomination proposal by 4 hedge fund investors. Before joining Goldman Sachs, she was a University Endowment Fund Portfolio Manager, managing 33 analysts and investing $1 million across five different industries (annual return of the fund: 24.4%). Before that, she was a corporate strategy consultant for a non-profit organization and a corporate accounting intern at Blount International. She has coordinated 20+ formal and informal events, including China Development Forum, which was initiated by the Development Research Center of the State Council of China.

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